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Phone Help Desk

Phone Help Desk

Our maintenance support packages come with access to our phone helpdesk service. You will have access to a named representative who will listen to your IT problem and in plain English will explain solutions, options and further steps.

In the main we find the vast majority of IT issues can be resolved over the phone often during the initial call without the need for further research. If your problem can not be remedied straight away your representative will look further into the issue so they are able to suggest and implement solutions.

Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Support

We offer a remote desktop support service using a state-of-the-art secure connection package, which requires working Internet access and a Web browser.

The client retains oversight and is in ultimate control at all times plus each session requires specific consent. The remote support service allows us to resolve certain kinds of problems without attending on site, reducing cost and equipment downtime.

All you need to do is call us up to arrange or book a session, and we will talk you through the steps required.

Remote Support Access

Access your remote support session here with your named representative giving realtime telephone support.

On Site Visits

Unfortunately not all iT problems can be solved remotely and an on-site visit by an engineer may be required.

We send our engineers armed with the information you have provided on your specific problem, so they can quickly and with a minimum of disruption have you up and running again.

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