Service Tiers

At Curtis Consulting iT we offer 2 Monitoring and Support packages or tiers, these give either continuous cover or basic cover that suits those with limited requirements.

Professional Cover

Our professional level support service offers the monitoring of hardware components and vital iT software functions. When potential problems have been flagged they recieve the highest priority. Pro support ensures there is always someone on hand to meet your computing needs with named contacts to call upon when required.

  • Server Monitoring and Fixes 1
  • Named Representatives
  • Telephone Help Desk 2
  • High Priority Calls 3
  • Discounted Remote Desktop Support

Value Cover

The Value Cover plan is tailor made to act as a safety net for the small business or individuals who will only occasionally require assistance. Alerts or potential problems recieve a lower priority but this is balanced by reduced fees.

  • Support When Required
  • Telephone Help Desk 2
  • Lower Priority Calls 3
  • Discounted Remote Desktop Support

Support Pricing

Service Level Pro Value
Call Priority 1 2
Per Hour £45 £65
Server Monitoring Fees
Single Server £45 Not Applicable
Additional Servers (+1) £20 Not Applicable
Client Monitoring Fees 4
per 10 Clients (upto 30) £30 Not Applicable
per 10 Clients (over 30) £15 Not Applicable
Remote Desktop Support

Desktop Support

We also offer a remote desktop support service using a state-of-the-art, secure connection package which only requires Internet access and a working Web browser.

The client retains oversight and is in ultimate control at all times plus each session requires specific consent. The remote support service allows us to resolve certain kinds of problems without attending on site 5 which reduces costs and lowers system downtime.

All you need to do is call us up to arrange or book a session, and we will talk you through the process and any steps required.

Discounted Support

Remote desktop support is offered to maintenance and support customers at a 25% discount off their normal support rate.
A 15% discount is available to charities and government funded educational establishments. However this also lowers the call priority to level 2. This discount only applies to monitoring and support agreements and call-out charges.

Choose your Cover

If you are interested in signing up to one of our plans or are after more information drop us a line


  • All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT, which is chargeable at the standard rate.
  • Monitoring and support agreement fees are to be paid monthly in advance by standing order.
  • Minimum monitoring and support agreement term is 12 months.
  • Discounts applied where available.
  • 1 Server small fixes and preventative measures identified by the monitoring, up to half hour per day. We will contact you regarding items that require purchasing or significant labour expenditure.
  • 2 Total inclusive time limited to 30 mins per day.
  • 3 Response Times: An engineer will respond to all calls as quickly as possible. Priority will be given to customers on Professional services, but the business criticality of the problem will also be taken into account.
  • 4 A Client is a individual PC, workstation, laptop, notebook.
  • 5 Remote support will not be appropriate for all problems or all machines. Our engineers will advise the most appropriate course of action.