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At Curtis Consulting iT we provide a reliable and inexpensive VoIP telephone system installation service that is specifically designed for medium and expanding businesses.

VoIP Phones and Communication services

Phone Networks

Traditional phone networks use circuit switching – that is when a call is made, circuits are switched in the intervening exchange creating a connection between the caller and the person being called.
By contrast, VoIP employs packet switching – which has typically been used by data networks connecting computers. Within this network, data is divided into small packets which are given identifying information and are then transported across the network. At the end of the line, they are reassembled to provide the information to the receiver.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is also extremely beneficial for businesses. Not only does having one source for voice and data provide greater efficiency, but it also means computer applications and technologies can be linked which helps to streamline the working environment.

If a business operates over several sites or locations VoIP can make good financial sense as it avoids expensive internal calls, and even if a business operates at just one site using VoIP can be beneficial when contacting customers by providing call recording facilities and call time stamping.

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