Hardware Sourcing

Looking to upgrade or replace your desktops, network or server systems. Sourcing and ordering replacements can’t be that difficult? There are literally thousands of technology products with multiple options and specifications, and picking one that seamlessly integrates with your business can be hugely time consuming.

Curtis Consulting iT are here to help, from complete server infrastructures, workstation replacements and even office peripherals. We listen to your requirements, locate and recommend products and even provide competitive quotes to save you time.

If you are already an iT support client, we will understand your business, infrastructure and working practices, and as a result, we can quickly identify ideal products to integrate with your current systems, unlike a specialist vendor who will lack sufficient knowledge of your systems to provide the best advice.

Our sourced hardware and quotes are based upon the information provided by you, so when we are instructed to, specifications and costs can be balanced to meet your requirements.

Server Upgrades and Replacements

Server upgrades

Your servers link your business systems, networks and workstations together and enable the coherent and efficient running of your business.

Our sourced server quotes will be based upon information gathered from you, so their specifications will meets your business requirements and if required provide room for future expansion.

Work Station Sourcing

Work Stations

Your work stations are the interface between your business systems and your staff so it is vital they are capable of doing the job required of them.

We source workstations to meet the targets you set for us, their specifications, components and capabilities should be capable of meeting the needs you require of them, be that simple Office Applications, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).


Looking to update your business hardware or even software, call us and save yourself hassle and money